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Economic Development and Tropical Fish??

In the Spring of 2021, our founder, Jon Maynard, was asked to give a TEDx Talk about how communities can be economically resilient following the pandemic. What he talked about was how economic development doesn't necessarily result in developing a local economy. He equated traditional economic development to "Whale Hunting".....seeking out the big prize and assuming that it will indeed grow the local economy. What he discovered through exhaustive data analysis was a that communities, such as his community of Oxford, Mississippi grew and became sustainable through a focused strategy of "people based" economic development. He equated this to, essentially, the OPPOSITE of "Whale Hunting". He dubbed it Tropical Fish economic development. More precisely, Tropical REEF development. If you focus your energy on creating an attractive and supportive location, the tropical fish would congregate around it and eventually begin to grow. Take a look at Jon's TEDx Talk and learn more.

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