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Jake grew up working in the fields and on the catfish ponds around Moorhead, Mississippi. After graduating from Indianola Academy, he enlisted in the Army Reserve as a combat engineer. He graduated from Mississippi State University and was commissioned as an officer. After serving in the First Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, he returned to Mississippi. Jake has worked for the Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research, The University of Mississippi Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Insight Park, and various startups. He's a Sair GNU/Linux Certified Engineer, an IFMA Facilities Management Professional, a NOLS Wilderness First Responder, and a licensed sUAS pilot. Jake has built IT systems of all types, from high-performance academic computing to modern cloud-based business solutions, to autonomous solar-powered sites in developing nations. In 2023, he started Elemental Informatics, a drone service provider specializing in technical imagery.


“I have a passion for building systems, networks, businesses, and strategic plans. While working as the Manager of Facilities and Technical Resources at Insight Park, I saw how proper economic development planning can have real, positive effects on communities. While working in Papua New Guinea, I saw how regionally appropriate technology can be employed to have transformative effects on rural communities. Being part of the team at Infinite Sequence gives me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned and help communities make the most of their current resources, as well as build and find more resources.” 

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