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Our Story

Infinite Sequence Economics (ISE) was born out of the realization that traditional economic development models often overlooked smaller communities, focusing predominantly on larger, urban areas. By harnessing the power of data and recognizing the power of people as the focus of local economies, ISE offers a framework that empowers even the smallest communities to understand their unique economic patterns and potentials. This approach facilitates data-driven decisions on aspects that may seem minor, but in fact hold significant implications for sustainable development. From nurturing local entrepreneurship to investing in education or infrastructure, these data-informed strategies lead to more resilient local economies, ensuring that growth is not just concentrated in large cities, but also flourishes in smaller towns and rural areas. This inclusive, holistic approach propels ISE as a transformative tool for equitable and sustainable economic development.

Meet The Team

We bring together a team of independent consultants who have deep experience in their specific areas.  ISE will bring these experts to the table when needed to create better and more robust guidance for your successful economic outcomes.

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